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Light Travels Faster calls it a day

Sad news: We've received word that Light Travels Faster has reached its natural conclusion, a lot sooner than many around here would have liked. Those who caught the band at last month's Gathering of the Clouds should count themselves lucky, as that gig unfortunately appears to have been its last.

Upon moving to the Mile High City from Amarillo, Texas, a few years back, Christopher Rigel and Kyle Fuller joined forces with bassist Todd Spriggs and released a trio of well-received records -- 2007's After the Black of Baca County, last year's ...with friends like these, and its latest effort, The Ghost Album.

Rigel, one of the band's driving forces, has evidently decided to move back to Texas. Luckily, the outfit isn't leaving us empty-handed. Rigel and company have posted the College EP, which features a brand-new batch of songs for free download -- songs that also represent the band's most daring compositions to date. That record, along with The Ghost Album, will be available as long as the site is active, which will reportedly be until just after the first of the year. Godspeed on your future endeavors, gentlemen.

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