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Lil Baby Turned the Rowdy Fillmore Into His Crib for the Night

Atlanta rapper Lil Baby
Atlanta rapper Lil Baby Miles Chrisinger
Rapper Lil Baby, who has worked with the likes of Young Thug and Drake, has only been in the professional hip-hop game for three years, but he dazzled the Fillmore on Monday, March 25, with entertainment and confidence that was far from infantile. The same cannot be said for the crowd.

Audience members became increasingly distracting throughout the night as the alcohol began to seep in. There was an arrest before City Girls' 9 p.m. set, at least eight people were carried out due to intoxication in just my section alone, and a fan jumped on stage and danced behind Lil Baby — before being literally kicked off by security.

Still, the crowd was captivated by Lil Baby's performance and rapped practically every verse along with him,  alternating between moshing and lighting up blunts.

The venue was packed by 8:45 p.m., and security had to block off the stairs to keep anyone else from entering the pit. A slew of openers warmed the stage to maintain the crowd's heat, and City Girls was far and away the best.

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Miles Chrisinger
City Girls came to fame through "Twerk," their 2018 song with Cardi B. The group's Yung Miami gave a shout-out during the performance to her other half of the duo, JT, who is currently serving time in prison for fraud.

Yung Miami performed songs like "Where the Bag At," "Act Up," "Season" and, of course, "Twerk," and turned the stage into a house party. She brought a man on stage who claimed to be celebrating his birthday and gave him a celebratory twerk show.

Lil Baby's set included the typical gimmicks of a sold-out show. Sparklers and smoke shot out behind him, four backup dancers glided through twerking and backflips, and a light show entranced the crowd.

I was expecting the fans to be young for this show, as Lil Baby is himself only 24. But people of all ages crowded into the pit and rapped along, especially when popular songs like "Drip Too Hard" and "Freestyle" blared through the speakers. The rapper didn't communicate much with the crowd but did shout out, "If you smoke weed, make some noise!" — as if this crowd needed that sort of encouragement.

Lil Baby ended the set with some of his more emotional songs, like "To the Top" and "Close" — which is as close to a love song as you'll get from him. His set ended without an encore, which I doubt anyone minded, since this crowd barely survived the main set. 
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