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Lil' Wayne gets his sentencing delayed again

Lil' Wayne laughs at your puny legal system. It has now been two years since he was caught with a loaded semi-automatic gun in his tour bus. He plead guilty in October, and today, for the second time in two months, his sentencing was delayed. Last time, he needed dental surgery.

So he got his eight (!) root canals and showed up today to face the music... except a small fire in the courthouse basement sent him home once again.

Maybe all this stuff is chance. Maybe his dentist insisted on surgery at the exact moment he was about to go prison. Maybe some act of god sparked a fire in this particular courthouse on this particular day, randomly. Or maybe not.

Look, a felony weapons charge is a serious offense, and Dwayne Carter definitely deserves to face justice. That said, he's been a professional rapper since he was fifteen and the only physical violence on his official record is a self-inflicted gun wound from when he was thirteen.

We have no idea if the lifestyle he suggests in his music (see above) is reality or not. We sincerely doubt, however, that one of the five richest rappers on the face of the planet bothers with violent crime. Which is to say that we're not exactly quivering in our boots at the prospect of Lil Wayne's continued presence on the streets. So all this prison-evasion is mostly hilarious.

Don't tell that to his fans, however. Our last post on this issue continues to garner some seriously grief-stricken, incoherent ramblings. Our favorite comes from ASHLEY SHIRELLE JONES, who we can only pray will have a sequel for us this time around:

Mannn Lyk Im Sittin Here Crying Cuz I Cnt Stand Da Fact Dat I Dnt Kno Wayne & Young Money Bt I Jux Kno In God I Trust..Ima Sum Day Meet All Yall...Im Da Same Age As Twist 17 And Lil Wayne I Adore U 4real Som Ppl Say It Jux 2 B Lyk Othas Bt Me I really DO and Dis Aint A Last Min. Thing I Been Down For Yall Wen Yall Was The Hot Boyz As A Shorty Buyin All The Album Stayin Turned On wats New And Even Still watch ballin blocker been out sence 2000. I been SAid I Was Gne Do It Bt My Og Said I Was 2 Young So On Feb.1st.2010 I Went N Gat Yo Face On Me da Same Picture Baby Gat On hym This Is True In Real I Love Young Money Dats All I Talk About Everyday And My Ppls B Lyk U Gne Turn Into A Young Money I tld Dem Dats Wat I Plan 2 Do...Bt Man Ima Still Bump Yo Musiq Till U Get Out N Make More Hits Cuz i still listen 2 the block is hot album them my theme songz Eveybody know Wanyes Da Best rapper alive N Im Out Love U Young Money Cash Money Or No Money Im Young Money Krazii Dats Ma Next Tat Holla @ Me Aw Yea and Lil Chuckee Dats Ma lil Nigga 2 i Love dat Boi Cuz He Jux Put Me in The Mind Of A Young Lil Wayne If He Gne B Anything Lik Weezy Tell In A Bt 3 Yr Holla At Me...Love All yall n again young money krazii

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