Lion Sized go deep at the Lost Lake

Deep beneath the waters of a lost lake, what would you expect to find? How about some strange, cryptozoological fish like the one that's the centerpiece of our fine flier of the week? And, not coincidentally, it is a flier for the Lost Lake Lounge!

This marriage of flier and venue theme is part of the reason we had to choose this flier as our top pick of the week. The other part is, well, look at the poster. It's just beautifully designed. Really nice use of minimal color, excellent type choice and placement, well balanced and it has a whompin' big alien-ass looking fish on it. That's made of 100 percent win in our book.

As it turns out, this is one of a series of four for Lion Sized's month-long residency at the Lost Lake Lounge. And designer/Lion Sized-er Josh Bergstrand has designed a poster in this vein for each of the four weeks! We dug them all (this here as our favorite) and though they should all be seen, so hit the jump for a look at the other three.

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