Listen to two new tracks from Censored 2.0: Gold Dreams, Rockie's forthcoming album

Rockie is releasing Censored 2.0: Gold Dreams, on Monday, May 28, his birthday. The new project finds the young MC writing smarter, more creative rhymes. Adding a golden touch to his swagged out verses, Rockie is up-ending the rap game with an entirely new steeze. Representing, Squizzy Gang, with production from Midnite, TC Crooks and more, Rockie is about to churn out the hits. We've got a sneak peek of two tracks from the album that will give you a feel for his latest work. Page down to hear "Yellow Tape" and "Come Alive" featuring the vocals of J. Carey.

"Yellow Tape," is pretty much Rockie saying he's about to "body," the game and make the rap world look like a massacre. Opening up with the lines, "Got too many bitches to be one/Got too much money to need one," there's really no mistaking his desire to wrap "yellow tape" around the game. With production by DC, this one is displays a notable amount of confidence.

"Come Alive" features the harmonizing vocals of J. Carey and finds Rockie spitting about how making it in this cold world is what makes him feel most alive. Check for a Rick Ross flavor on this one, a discussion of new things and old problems and living like you're invincible.

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