Lithuanian dad stricken with Bieber fever

Who can resist the siren's call of little Justin Bieber? Well, besides anyone with a modicum of taste, apparently no one is safe, whatever far-off location they might be in. Take today's video, which comes to us from exotic Lithuania!

Now, in addition to being the first Soviet republic to say, "Thanks, but no thanks!" at the end of the cold war, we're going to guess that Lithuania has a decent nightlife scene, where its citizens go to while the night away dancing their hearts out. Why do we think this? Video evidence -- today's subject had to learn those sick moves somewhere.

In our video, two little girls sing a karoake cover of Justin Bieber's "Baby." It's kinda cute, if unremarkable. What is remarkable is the absoludicrous dancing by the man in the background, presumably their father. This guy has obviously spent some serious time polishing those moves...

If we had to guess at the backstory here, we'd say it was this: the two little girls decide to sing their favorite Bieber tune. They ask dad for help, probably in holding the camera or setting up the microphone or something. "But wait!" dad says. "Did you know I used to be quite the dancer? I should be your backup dancer!" The little girls don't know how to tell dad no and thus an Internet star is born...

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