Live @ Higher Ground Is More Than a Music Video Series

When Jahna and Jason Eichel opened Fort Collin's first rehearsal space, Higher Ground Rehearsal Studios, in November, they  envisioned a collaboration with a production company to create “behind the scenes” videos from the music studio. And now, they've done just that.

This weekend, the third episode of Live @ Higher Ground was recorded, a video series that features live performances in the studio space. The project is directed and produced by In The Shed Media. Five Go-Pros and three professional cameras are used in filming, with professional lighting and sound.  "Our acoustics were built out specifically for a live set sound and our lounge area is perfect set up for this show," says Jahna. "We hope that bands feel comfortable in our space and have gotten such tremendously positive feedback. Our favorite part, of course would be an almost private live concert right in front of us! Jason and I have also really loved and appreciated getting to know our local bands on a personal level."

The first episode was released last month, and features Wasteland Hop, while the second episode with Strange Americans has a trailer out, and the third episode with Covz was filmed last week. "Our goal is two fold: we wanted to be able to showcase local and touring bands in Fort Collins. With our rapidly growing music scene and artist appreciation, we knew that an entertaining mostly geared to the 21+ crowd film series we would give the artists a way to get their personalities showcased as well as their music," says Jahna. While all bands have been local Fort Collins bands, they hope to bring Denver, Boulder, and touring bands into the studio as the project continues. "Live tapings are incredibly fun and a little nerve wracking."

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The Live @ Higher Ground sessions are about three hours and open to the public. But In The Shed Media sometimes puts in as much as ten hours days to get the film footage of the live performance, plus interviews and behind the scene shots. Anthony Cross, of local Imperial Records hosts the live shows. "We knew he could bring that captivating personality that is so imperative to an entertaining show. With their experience in film production and expertise we were able to brain storm on the perfect format for the show, and that is how Live @ Higher Ground was born," says Jahna. " In The Shed Media and Anthony Cross do an amazing job getting people comfortable infront of the camera, their laid back demeanor really helps bands open up and feel at home. We’ve tried to facilitate a 'house party' atmosphere where you can relax in between shoots and the live performance."

The Strange American episode premiers February 26th, and the trailer shows a casual atmosphere, in-depth look what an intimate performance is like. The filming for Live @ Higher Ground are open to the public, and are announced at the Higher Ground Facebook page

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.