Lost polar bear plays Lost theme on accordion

The ending to Lost left many mysteries unexplained, such as where did those damn polar bears come from? after you watch today's video, you're going to have even more mysteries to ponder, mysteries like how did this polar bear find a Dharma jumpsuit, get off the island, learn to play the accordion and how can the people passing by be so damn unimpressed? Now that we think of it, where did he get the accordion? The mysteries deepen...

According to the YouTube uploader, this takes place on Hollywood Boulevard, which might explain at least one mystery -- we hear strange shit like this is pretty much commonplace on that particular stretch of road. And if we were forced to speculate, we'd guess the polar bear's presence has something to do with Hurley's reign as protector of the island -- he seems like the sort that would teach a polar bear to play the accordion and free him to pursue his life's ambition of becoming a Hollywood street busker. Guess we'll have to wait until the Lost DVDs release to know for sure.

In any case, it's a pretty soulful rendition of the "Life & Death" theme from the series, especially considering it comes from a polar bear playing what appears to be some sort of novelty or kid's accordion.

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