Lust-Cats of the Gutters submit "Moon Milk" for NASA's wake up contest

Apparently, for the past forty years or so, NASA has chosen Top 40 songs for astronauts to wake up to every morning on their missions. This year, prior to the April 1 launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour, NASA, uh, launched the "Space Rock" song contest, which inspired The Lust-Cats of the Gutters to pen "Moon Milk" (or "Grab Yr Cosmic Crator Axe"). The outer-space surf-rock jam has since been sent hurtling straight toward NASA.

"My dad is always on the look out for cool things for my band to do," says vocalist and guitarist Robin Edwards, when explaining how the band decided to submit. Over 1,300 songs were entered into the contest, and according to the website, those tracks will first be judged by the NASA Space Rock Committee, then with a public vote in March. Two original compositions will be chosen and played during the April mission.

Edwards also says the song -- which is about mining for moon milk and, in turn, looking for a cure for lactose intolerance -- was just an excuse for the Lust-Cats to use as many silly space references as they could think of. "Astro-J is our slang for Tang," Edwards laughs. Who doesn't want to wake up to a song about powdered orange juice?

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