Makeout Point is Rad. Bandwagon applications still open.

Makeout Point is a relatively new Denver band you can call post-punk because it's literally true: At least two of the four members used to be in hardcore bands. They've settled down now with fuzz pedals and melody, and you can hear the lead single from the upcoming 7-inch Night Moves exclusively in the video above.

Guitarist Anthony J Morocco recommends headphones, and that is incredibly sage advice. This is a song best enjoyed when it's surrounding you, when you can appreciate the way that second guitar line comes in like a nearing beacon. Lo-fi gets its charm from the way it feels alive, and this is what it should sound like.

We've heard the rest of Night Moves, and while "Arizona" is the standout, all four tracks sound great. Vocalist Michelle Bach is higher in the mix than she was on the demos (which you can listen to on their myspace). More confident, too, singing lyrics vague enough for you to personalize. Her voice goes from Patti Smith-lite to something smoother and more wistful -- either way the contrast with her grating guitar is rewarding.

Makeout Point's rhythm section is Laura Morocco on bass and Patrick Farrell on drums. Night Moves gets its official release on black vinyl for the low low price of $5 on May 18. Their Facebook, etc, is saying it's on Racoon Tycoon Records, which we're assuming is a joke label they invented.

Right now, the only shows they have listed are on June 3 and 4 in Fort Collins (where they met), but it's always possible that a release show in Denver will happen before then. Add their blog to your RSS feed, so you're not the only one who doesn't know.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.