Matador at 21: Anyone got a spare, oh, $700 or so?

As it happens, we don't have a spare $700 or so laying around. Boy, if we did, though, you wouldn't really have to be the betting type to wager where we'd be on Friday, October 1 through Sunday, October 3. No contest: Matador at 21 in Las Vegas.

Have you seen the lineup for this thing? Holy crapola! It's a wet dream of indie rock lovers from the past two decades: Pavement, Sonic Youth, Belle & Sebastian, Guided By Voices (classic '93-'96 lineup), Superchunk, Spoon, Yo La Tengo, Cat Power, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, New Pornographers, Ted Leo & the Phramacists and Fucked Up, among others. Oh, and did we mention, it's Vegas, baby! Vegas!

For a limited time, tickets, which go on sale this Friday, are only being sold as three-day passes for $199.00 (price jumps to $225 when the limited quantity sells out) with hotel rooms at the Palms resort in tandem for $99 per night (if you purchase directly through Matador). Better act quickly: The venue, Pearl at the Palms, only holds 2100 people. [Matador at 21 via Cause=Time]

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Dave Herrera
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