Matt Morris gets the Keys to the City in this webisode

What we learned from watching Matt Morris's new aol Keys to the City webisode: Dude does a damn fine Anita Baker. Rapturous. Seriously. Color us impressed.

Morris, in case you haven't heard, is the homegrown, velvet voiced singer-songwriter signed to Justin Timberlake's Tennman Records. His new album, the seemingly presciently titled When Everything Breaks Open, which technically comes out next Tuesday but is already available on iTunes right now (see him delivering it to Twist & Shout after the jump).

If you haven't heard the guy sing, heavens to Mergatroit, y'all, the kid's got some pipes -- hell he'd have to for Timberlake to sign him. Talent aside, though, we should probably tell you that Morris did have a certain leg up, namely the fact that he and Timberlake were cast mates on the Mickey Mouse Club.

The above clip is a fitting introduction to Morris, who tells his story about growing up in Denver and moving back here after being away for nearly a decade. Keep your eye on this guy. Something tells us he's about to blow up. After tweeting about him last week, Ellen Degeneres invited him to be on her show -- and we all know that Ellen is the arbiter of cool.

Oh, and before that, we should also let you know in case you want to TiVo it or something, he's going be on this other quaint little show called Letterman next Friday, January 15.

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