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MDC has stood for many things: Millions of Dead Cops, Millions of Damn Christians, Multi-Death Corporation. But attached to a staunchly leftist hardcore group that's sold over half a million records, the initials could just as easily mean Milking Defiance for Cash. Unlike scores of punk sellouts, though, singer Dave Dictor has stuck to his guns (or hatred thereof) for 25 years, ever since raising ire with anti-conservative screeds like "John Wayne Was a Nazi" and the militantly vegetarian "Chicken Squawk." MDC has toured and recorded only sporadically since its Reagan-era heyday, and is making a rare Denver appearance in support of its new full-length, Magnus Dominus Corpus, a disc that's almost as fast, crude, ugly and unflinching as the band's bygone classics. Still fueled by equal parts snot and sarcasm, Dictor and crew will make you think it's the '80s all over again, with greed ruling our culture, civil liberties under attack and some half-wit dilettante in the White House. Oh, wait...
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