Concert Reviews

Melvins Lite at Bluebird Theater, 9/12/12


Melvins Lite? There was nothing "lite" about this show. As soon as the stage lights dimmed, a loop of the coughing at the beginning of Black Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf" filled the air for what seemed like a comically extended period of time until Trevor Dunn stepped on stage -- dressed in what looked like a cross between an Australian school boy, á la Angus Young, and a day trader right after work -- and the main riff came in. He quickly took his place and overwhelmed any loop with a bowed upright bass riff that sounded like a musical foghorn, the likes of which could have served as the end times sound at the denouement of Kevin Smith's film Red State. Even before Dale Crover and Buzz Osborne strode on to stage, the show began on an especially weighty note.

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