Mesita working on new album, due next spring

Although James Cooley, who releases albums under the Mesita moniker, doesn't really play shows, he's written a few hundred songs, some of which ended up on his latest effort, the outstanding Here's to Nowhere. Cooley is currently working a new album, The Coyote, which he says "will have a lot harder rhythms and more expansive melodies, and things aren't as strangled to flow tightly from one track to the next as the last album." He's been posting songs on his SoundCloud page as he records them and says the finished project, which he hopes to release next spring, will have fifteen or sixteen tracks.

"I'm getting back into working with electronics and bass synths this time around," Cooley says, "really give the sound good support, but still have a human element going full force. It's all still recorded with the same equipment as before, a couple of condenser mics and Audacity, in a bedroom alone.

"It focuses a lot on growing up in Ken Caryl, especially being in high school around this time of winter without much going on around and not that clear of outlook for the future. I really want to make the whole thing drive and hit hard, make passionate music. I owe it to everyone who listens to put as much heart and give as much of a damn about these songs as I possibly can."

Here's "You or the City," the first single from The Coyote:

You or the City by Mesita

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