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In 1866, the United States adopted the use of the metric system as lawful and valid for all purposes. More than a century later, most Americans still measure things in feet and wait for water to boil at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. If the old French measuring system is ever to become the standard in this country, it's going to need someone to boost its profile -- and Canadian-bred Metric is just the neu-wave pop darling to do it. Fronted by singer/synth gal Emily Haines, Metric coasts along the same lines as Azure Ray with a Yeah Yeah Yeahs attitude. Live It Out, the group's sophomore effort, mimics danceable humps from the indie rock handbook to an almost tired end, but unlike many other followers, Metric somehow makes the formula relevant. Like the metric system itself, the music may not be new, but it's definitely useful. And while credit is due to the other guys in the band -- guitarist Jimmy Shaw, bassist Josh Winstead and Joules Scott-Key on drums -- it's Haines's vocal presence and lyrical dexterity that will ultimately cause the tight-pants masses to convert.
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Tuyet Nguyen