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Michael Bublé stalked by a velociraptor?

Our world is full of inexplicable things. Things like the appeal of Michael Bublé. Seriously, can anyone explain his appeal to us? But once you simply stop questioning and accept that yes, somehow Michael Bublé is stupidly famous and getting rich off recording crap adult contemporary pop tunes and nauseating versions of old standards, other things are less perplexing. Meaning, if you can accept the fact that Bublé is wildly popular, you can probably also accept that there is a velociraptor stalking him, as seen above (look closely if you missed it at first, it's there).

And once you accept that, you probably understand that the site Michael Bublé Being Stalked By A Velociraptor is at least several orders of magnitude more entertaining than anything the man has ever recorded. Seriously, we have a whole new appreciation for the man now -- well, technically we have a whole new appreciation for pictures of him being stalked by a wily velociraptor, but whatever.

The site is the work of a Tumblogger called Wonder-Tonic and we can't thank him (her? them?) enough for this slice of awesome. You can click the links above to visit the site or Wonder-Tonic's home, or click through the jump to see three of our favorite pictures of Bublé and his velociraptor stalker.

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