Michael Jackson's single, bedazzled glove: What's up with that?

In all the wall-to-wall coverage and rampant speculation in the wake of Michael Jackson's passing -- over the cause of his death, his sexuality, the true paternity of his kids -- we couldn't help but notice that there's one aspect of Jackson's persona that been completely overlooked, an eternal burning question that likewise seemingly no one knows the answer to: What's up with The Glove? Seriously. When and how did MJ decide to don The Glove? Why just one? Surely we're not the only ones completely baffled by this accessory and intrigued by the nature of its origin. Right? Anyone? Bueller? Inquiring minds want to know. We may never know the when. But after the jump, our best guesses as to why.

Why a single not a pair?

  1. In keeping with the notion of a, um, thriller, The Glove was meant to keep idiots like us in a perpetual state of suspense.
  2. It originally came as a pair, but the other one got lost, as tends to happen with gloves.
  3. The bedazzler broke after bedecking the first one.
  4. One hand was just unusually colder than the other.
  5. It's just one of life's unanswerable questions.

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