Michael Trundle reflects on ten years of Lipgloss

When Michael Trundle, Tyler Jacobson and Tim Cook started Lipgloss in the summer of 2001, they had no idea that it would become something of a Denver institution. From humble beginnings as a dance night at the club 60 South (now 3 Kings Tavern) once a month on Mondays, Lipgloss grew into a weekly event at La Rumba, where it's now celebrating its tenth year as one of Denver's most successful dance parties.

During its time, Lipgloss has hosted illustrious musician DJs including Peter Hook, Andy Rourke, Mike Joyce and Marky Ramone, as well as more traditional DJs from home and far afield. The night consistently attracts a diverse crowd that reflects not only the good taste of its creators, but also their willingness to blend that taste with a keen sense of what might get the crowds dancing.

Cook left in 2003; Jacobson stepped away six years later. Trundle, a longtime fan of live music and a self-avowed goth in his younger years, continues to run the night between other DJ gigs and strives to make it as vibrant a dance night as it's ever been. We spoke with the witty and erudite Trundle about the beginning of Lipgloss and where he hopes to see it go.



Lipgloss 10th Anniversary, with DJ Option4, boyhollow and Baio from Vampire Weekend, 9 p.m. Friday, June 24, La Rumba, 99 West 9th Avenue, 303-572-8006, $8 (21+).

See photos from the Lipgloss 9th anniversary party.

Westword: When did you know Lipgloss was going to be as big as it became?

Michael Trundle: I think that first night we were blown away, because we had what seemed like a lot of people — and now that's what we have before 10 p.m. The first time we did it, I think we had eighty people who showed up. And we thought, "Gosh, let's keep doing this, this is really fun." Once we moved to every Monday, we knew it wasn't a flash in the pan, something we'd do for six months and then quit. At the same time, I don't think any of us thought it would last as long as it has. We thought we'd do it for a year or two and go on to other things.

After ten years, what do you hope to see happen with Lipgloss?

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I'd like to see it go another ten years [laughs]. Quite honestly, it sounds like I'm pandering to my own night in a sense and making it sound greater than it is, but the fact is that it's one of the best parties in the country. Dani Beahl from Chicago has come here and says it's her favorite party in the country to play. She plays all over. We've had so many guest DJs from across the country say, "Dude, this is absolutely amazing." It's the last thing they expect to find in Denver. They go to L.A. or New York or Chicago, and they're putting in 200 less people than we are, and people don't like to dance as much. Obviously, I'd like more people to show up. I'd hope the night can stay current and viable the way it is now.

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