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Michal Menert Hosts an Electronic Music Production Academy

For people who grew up playing traditional instruments — things you plucked, strummed, bowed or beat — electronic-music production can be a mystery.

Producer Michal Menert, who has worked with Pretty Lights and is currently promoting an album with his band, the Pretty Fantastics, will throw a two-day electronic-music workshop called the Michal Menert Academy at The Music District, 639 South College Avenue in Fort Collins.

Attendees will learn from musicians and producers how to go from being basement tinkerers to big-stage performers. They'll pick up tips on music distribution, incorporating video into concerts, building a home studio on a budget and creating music in Abelton.

Teachers will include Menert, Richard “Sleepy” Floyd and Nick Gerlach of Turbo Suit, David Najarian, Julianne Thomas, Matt Van Den Heuvel, Jason “Schollaship” MacLeod and Zaak Kerstetter of Zenotope.

The academy concludes with free admission to the first performance of Michal Menert & the Pretty Fantastics' winter tour at the Aggie Theatre. The band will be promoting its new album, From the Sea.

The academy runs January 18 and 19. Registration is $150 at Menert's website.
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