Mike Doughty, We Have Some Questions for Your Question Jar

Mike Doughty will bring his Question Jar Show to the Walnut Room this Friday, October 10. He's had... an exciting relationship with the songs that made him semi-famous as the front man of Soul Coughing, originally swearing off the material before recording an album of Soul Coughing "re-imaginings." He's got a surefire way to bring intrigue to this weekend's show, however: Bringing a jar in which audience members can submit questions, in the grand style of middle school sex ed classes. As it turns out, we have a few questions for Mike Doughty.

1. Were you eating a lot of Quizno's when you improvised songs (such as the one above) to promote the shows on this tour?

2. Has Anthony Fantano ever reviewed one of your records?

3. Will light keep your heart beating in the future? Like Donovan's Brain?

4. Is it kosher with Barbie that you live at Ken's house?

5. Does Golden Delicious feel like a really long time ago?

6. What is the darkest thing someone said to you while you were busking for Busking?

7. Did Dave Matthews tell you that you should write more songs like you did when you were in Soul Coughing?

8. Was Lo-Fi Lodge mere practice for the songs you've been writing for venues on this tour? How did you decide which songs swap out lyrics? Does that mean you did to yourself what you did to the Soul Coughing songs on Circles, Super Bon Bon... ?

9. Does anyone ever come up to you and say, "You clean up real good, Brian Posehn"?

Love you, buddy.

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