It was world premier week on Mile Hi-Fidelity. Last night, we had the pleasure of debuting songs from A Shoreline Dream, Jon Snodgrass, Littles Paia, Park Pourbaix and the Widowers' Mike Marchant, who stopped by the studio long enough to give us insight on his new batch of tunes, which will be unveiled to the world at large this Friday night at the Meadowlark, to regale us with an unbelievable tale about getting arrested and shook down in Mexico, and to get stuck in the elevator. That's right. Fifth floor. While we were still on the air, no less. Uh-huh. Suddenly, my seemingly irrational fear of elevators doesn't seem quite as irrational, eh? In the midst of all that somehow we found time to play a slew of great local tunes, past and present, as you'll see after the jump. -- Dave Herrera

Mile Hi-Fidelity playlist - 01.07.09

Mile Hi-Fidelity - 01.07.09

Hearts of Palm - "We Have No Water Here"
The Photo Atlas - "Merit"
The Laylights - "Sparrow"
Born in the Flood - "I Gotta Wear You"
Yellow Second - "Mulberry"
Christie Front Drive - "Seven Day Candle"
Black Black Ocean - "This Machine Will Help"
Thank God for Astronauts - "Ghetto Flame"
The Swanks - "Bad Luck Charm"
Hemi Cuda - "Queenie"
Mike Marchant - "Lower Downtown Curses"
Mike Marchant - "All of Our Old Haunts"
Bright Channel - "Out of Focus"
A Shoreline Dream - "Manhattan Beach"
Red Cloud - "Fist Rain Down"
Jon Snodgrass - "Remember My Name"
Littles Paia - "Poor Me Poor Me Pour Me"
Ten Cent Redemption - "Bring Your Gun"
The Heyday - "Come In Or Stay Out"
The Maybellines - "I Just Had the Best Time"
Pallisades - "Where the Reeds Grow"
Park Pourbaix - "Eighty-Six"
Hello Kavita - "Pensacola"

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