Mile Hi-Fidelity playlist - 12.10.08

Well, Andy Thomas and I -- with the help of Jon Solomon, who sat in with us for the second half of the show -- made it through the second edition of Mile Hi-Fidelity, our new local show on 101.5 FM. Aside from some novice board-op flubs on my part (rookie!) and the fact that I'm an insufferable dork (in general for sure, but especially on-air), the show, which airs from 8-10 p.m. every Wednesday, went rather well.

Thanks to the "mom switch" -- that internal device that prevents us from being profane in the company of mom -- we didn't drop any f-bombs, didn't create too much dead-air, played the commercials at all the right times (we think?) and, most importantly, we got to play a bunch of killer tunes. The guys from Yerkish also stopped by in advance of their CD release show this weekend and we talked to them about the now famous Terkish incident, gained some insight about the new record, Fear Conquers America, and played a few cuts from it. All in all, it was a hoot.

On next week's show, several of my esteemed colleagues will join us in the studio to discuss and play their favorite local albums of the year. Anyhow, as promised, here's the playlist from last night's show. -- Dave Herrera

Mile Hi-Fidelity - 12.10.08

Overcasters - "Electrocution"
Cowboy Curse - "In Spite"
d.biddle - "Laughter"
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - "Americadio"
Eyes and Ears - "Slave Wage"
Cat-A-Tac - "Needles and Pins"
Astrophagus - "Why I Cut Off My Hands"
Everything Absent or Distorted (a love story) - "Aquariums"
The Archive - "Gone Fishin'"
The Still City - "All the Scratched Surfaces"
Rabbit Is a Sphere - "Nickles, Hymnals, Stained Napkins"
Hearts of Palm - "Stand Back Up"
Breathe Carolina - "The Birds and Bees"
Signal to Noise - "Wish Me Luck"
Joshua Novak - "My Darling Criminal Lover"
Planes Mistaken for Stars - "To Spit a Sparrow"
Ellison Park - "Theology for Robots"
The Blackout Pact - "We Drink So You Don't Have To"
The Chain Gang of 1974 - "Let's Make It Tonight"
Spell - "Superstar"
Ichiban - "Goodbye"
ManeLine - "Ain't Real Ain't Right"
Yerkish - "USS Jeezus"
Yerkish - "When Glaciers"

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