Mile Hi-Fidelity playlist - 12.30.08

After taking a week off to celebrate buying/receiving stuff for/from our loved ones, Andy Thomas and I returned to the airwaves last night (a day early in honor of drinking our faces off during Night of the Rookie Livers this evening) and played a bunch of great stuff -- as much as we could fit in, anyhow, in between the commercials and sweepers and stuff and us jabbering and whatnot. The playlist from the show, which we've dutifully dubbed the New Year's Eve, Eve edition (clever, right?), is posted after the jump. Happy, happy. Joy, joy.

Mile Hi-Fidelity
New Year's Eve, Eve - 12.30.08

John Common - "Call Me Right Now"
The Archive - "The Duke"
DeVotchKa - "I Cried Like a Silly Boy"
The Brotherhood of Dae Han - "Bury Me"
Drag the River - "Death to the Life of the Party"
The Swayback - "Queen's Dance"
Solar Bear - "The Ghost of Anton Levey"
Achille Lauro - "Laredo"
The Czars - "Lullaby 6000"
The Last Seen - "Don't Say"
Brave Saint Saturn - "Mercenary"
Dualistics - "Sleight of Hand"
Oblio Duo + the Archers - "A Rock Sprawl"
Paper Bird - "Doldrums"
Iuengliss - "Painful Balances"
The Wheel - "Brake Man"
Animo - "The Life"
Grace Gale - "Shoot Me Through"
Fight Like Hell - "Fight Like Hell"
Roe - "Breathe Easy"
Set Forth - "Crazy"
d.biddle - "The Light That Disappeared"
Only Thunder - "Computer Says Naaoo"

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