Mile High Makeout: Coming home

Photo: Adam D'Antonio

Jeremy D'Antonio left Colorado a while ago, taking his beautiful acoustic project, Tiny Television, with him. Since then, he has returned a few times for a show or two. On January 16th, however, D'Antonio and Tiny Television make a triumphant return, celebrating the release of a debut full-length album at the hi-dive. With Dan Craig, Britt Rodemich and Tim Pourbaix opening, the night promises to be a warm homecoming.

D'Antonio recorded the album in John Vanderslice's San Francisco studio, just blocks from D'Antonio's own apartment. He was joined on the record by local luminaries, such as keyboardist James Han (Bela Karoli, the Wheel, Recess), agile vocalist Jess Mefford (Blue Light, Jen Korte and the Loss) and horn player Joshua Trinidad, as well as Dan Luehring on drums, Jon Rakstang on bass and Dave Zirbel on pedal steel. All except Zirbel will grace the hi-dive's stage. The new album will be released solely on vinyl (accompanied by a free digital download) and on iTunes.

Though D'Antonio now calls San Francisco home, he is choosing to do the album release here in Denver because it still feels like home. "The hi-dive has been so kind to me over the last few years, in particular, Ben Desoto," D'Antonio told me in a recent email. "We just feel so comfortable every time we do a show there."

And you will too. Come on out next Friday to welcome Tiny Television back (however temporarily) and grab some fresh vinyl. -- Eryc Eyl

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