Mile High Makeout: Fresh start

Yes, I know a lot of people like to use a new year as an opportunity to get a fresh start. It might just mean that you clean the stains out of your toilet bowl finally, or you put clean sheets on your bed, or you floss. Some people even make New Year's resolutions. Usually, these are pledges related to self-improvement - weight loss, fitness, smoking cessation, nose picking, public flatulation and angry driving are all common targets.

Though I rarely make these resolutions, I'm actually a big fan of them, and - though I have no data to support this - I suspect a lot of good has happened because of them. I have a good friend who has resolved to quit smoking (cliche, perhaps, but that doesn't make it any less worthy), and I think she'll actually do it, largely because of the New Year. I mean, as long as they're worthy and realistic, and unless you resolve to flick more people in the forehead or increase your heroin intake, what harm could they possibly do?

A week ago, a new friend of mine who doesn't consider herself part of "the scene" in Denver informed me that she has resolved to see more live music in 2009. This, to me, seems like a worthy and realistic goal for the year. In fact, it's probably one we could all get behind. And it inspired a little pledge of my own.

I'm not going to call this a resolution, but let's just say it's something I'm going to try. I'm not sure I could see MORE live music without some sort of time travel device, but I definitely know I could see a wider variety. I'd like to see more jazz, hip-hop and classical this year. I'd like to make it to venues I haven't frequented, such as the Toad Tavern, the D-Note, Herman's and Hodi's. I hope to see more mash-ups of the arts, events where theater and visual arts and dance and music and everything else come together and get sloppy drunk on one another. 

I'll need your help with this. Keep me posted when there are interesting places and performances I should check out. I'm easy to find on MySpace. Don't be shy. If I fail, I'll have you to blame. --Eryc Eyl

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