Mile High Makeout: Shadowy man on a shadowy planet

(photo: Jeff Klapperich)

While I was out last weekend, an unassuming gentleman approached me and asked if I had room in my pocket for a CD. We'd met before, but I didn't remember that in the moment. I hate when I forget names and faces. Fortunately, Donny Rose was forgiving and gracious as he handed me a five-song EP by his band, My Shadow's Existence. I was wearing capacious jeans that night, and slipped the disc into my back pocket as I shook his hand.

While I'm not prepared to write a thoughtful and comprehensive review of this little CD-R - hell, I don't even know what it's called - I definitely want to take a moment to draw your attention to this budding outfit. Rose's lyrics are honest and emotive, and his vocals have the balance of innocence and experience that would make William Blake proud. Mandolin, acoustic guitar and pretty-girl harmonies fill out the arrangements with an indie folk aesthetic that reminds me of the National Lights. There's a hint of self-indulgent melodrama that occasionally drags My Shadow's Existence into cliche, but that is usually redeemed by the sincerity and simplicity of Rose's delivery. I wouldn't say all the ducks are in a row just yet, but they're definitely thinking about lining up, and I'd expect a good live show from this act.

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Rose has been playing solo shows around town for the past four years or so, but finally found bandmates Katherine (keys and background vocals) and Cooper Mikel (mandolin) earlier this year. Rose recorded the five-song EP himself at Hanging Blankets Studio, and had mixing help from former Killfix cellist, Peter Glenn.

Check out My Shadow's Existence on Myspace, and look for a CD release event at Larimer Lounge on January 30th, with Herman Gauche, Rachael Pollard and Tim Pourbaix sharing the bill. --Eryc Eyl

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