Mile High Makeout: The spirit of Christmas present

Mile High Makeout: The spirit of Christmas present

As many of you know, I got an early Christmas present on Wednesday night when I had the honor of being a guest on Dave Herrera's amazing new radio show, Mile High Fidelity, on 101.5 FM. Though it had been many years since my passionate college-radio days, I fell immediately back into the groove. And I couldn't help but be struck by the significance of both the station and the show to the Denver music scene.

Having a free-form commercial radio station in our town is remarkable enough, but one that also has a commitment to and appreciation of local music is an absolute treasure. With Denver music in heavy rotation, a weekly live broadcast of local music and a weekly show dedicated to Mile High tunes, it's clear that KTNI 101.5 FM gets it.

As Dave, Tom Murphy, A.H. Goldstein and I all went through some of our favorite local releases of 2008, we marveled at the fact that we could easily fill two hours and had just barely scratched the surface in terms of the music being made here. Ten years ago, who would have dreamed that there'd be so many bands, so many places for those bands to play and an audience who wanted to listen to those bands on freakin' commercial radio? Well, maybe you, but you're a visionary. Most of us are still rubbing our eyes, pinching ourselves and trying to figure out what this giddy, creative energy is all about. 

When I write this column, I'm often aware that I'm preaching to the choir, writing to a small subset of our city that is already interested in the live-music scene. I'm aware that there are far more people who aren't aware and aren't paying attention. I don't judge those people at all. In fact, with everything that's going on right now, I'm kind of envious of them. Very soon, this whole scene is going to reach a critical mass that will be impossible to ignore, and those folks will discover it with wide eyes, eager ears and the glee of a kid on Christmas.

The past was good, the future will be amazing, but I can't imagine a better present. -- Eryc Eyl


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