Mind Benders slated to open in the next few weeks in former Brickhouse space

Known as Big Sal in the professional wrestling community, Salmineo Martin built a pretty good reputation with Juggalo Championship Wrestling and Primo's Hardcore Wrestling. He even went on tour with the Insane Clown Posse.

While he still spends some time in the ring, he's been devoting the last six weeks to renovating his new club, Mind Benders (9262 West 58th Avenue Arvada), which he hopes to have open next few weeks in the former Brickhouse Nightclub, which closed about a year ago.

In keeping with its name, the venue sounds like it will be a bit of a trip. Martin says that most everything in the club will be black light reflective, from the carpet to the airbrushed murals. Even the pool tables will be black light reflective, and the waitresses will be sporting neon fishnets, so their legs will glow while they're walking around.

"Not many people do the black theme like we're doing," Martin says, adding that there aren't any dance clubs in the area.

Martin says he plans to bring in live bands on the weekends and have DJs during the week. He's also hiring go-go dancers who will dance on the stage, as well as with customers. Martin also hopes to hold a three-day festival with 24 bands once he gets the place dialed in.

And he even might even get some of his wrestler buddies to do security.

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