Mini Q&A with the Fluid's John Robinson

In addition to an appearance by profile and Q&A subject Built to Spill, this Saturday's Westword Music Showcase (click here for details) will include another bonus: an appearance by the Fluid, among the best bands and most influential groups ever to emerge from the Denver scene. Last year, the band, fronted by John Robinson, headlined a couple of area gigs -- their first in fifteen years -- as warm-ups for an appearance at a Seattle festival celebrating the twentieth anniversary of Sub Pop Records, to which the Fluid was an early signee. (The outfit even appeared on a split seven-inch single with Nirvana.) These shows, including a visceral turn at the Bluebird Theater, proved so satisfying that the players headlined a handful of others. And as Robinson makes clear in the following mini-Q&A, conducted via e-mail, they're open to the idea of more. To get the lowdown after the jump.

Westword (Michael Roberts): What's happened with the band since your first couple of reunion gigs here last year?

John Robinson: After the Bluebird date we went to Seattle for a secret club date with Green River and The Press Corp. the day before the festival. It was a total blowout in a tiny cub, about 200 people. It was the first time anyone had seen either band in Seattle for at least fifteen years.

The Sub Pop festival was really great. Well organized, beautiful weather, great sound. There was about 6,000 there when we played and the crowd loved it. At this point in The Fluid's existence, big shows with a diverse crowd may be where we're best suited. I got a little crowd surfing in, just like old times.

In January, we played two shows in NYC at Maxwell's and Williamsburg Music Hall. Overcasters came up to open them and they were amazing both nights. It was bitter cold outside with a below-zero wind-chill factor, so only the loyal showed up. We delivered the goods; all who came had a good time. Mid-February, we did another Seattle club date. That one was pretty much a roomful of our peers. All good.

WW: What are your plans for the future? Are new songs or recordings on the agenda?

JR: There's nothing else on the agenda and no plans to write or record anything new. At some point, we want to get a comprehensive website together with songs, video clips, bio, etc. We're also keen to remix and remaster some of the back catalog and make it all available at some point. This would probably best be released online, but perhaps there will be a collector package of goodies that will eventually come of it. We also have various decent live recordings over the years that would be included somehow in any future offerings, including a great recording of the Bluebird show.

For now, our plan is only to entertain decent offers for shows and decide on a case-by-case basis. It's very unlikely that it would ever turn into a tour.

I'm very excited for the [Westword Music Showcase]. It could well be the music event of the summer for Denver. We're looking to bring it loud and nasty -- nothing but ear-to-ear grins all around.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.