Missed connection: Discount Cinema and Joy Subtraction

Even the lowliest of local bands are used to getting a little groupie action now and then. But it turns out Denver-area musicians don't need to sift through their adoring audiences for a shot at romance; sometimes it's right there onstage. Emily Carter, bassist of Lakewood electro-rock outfit Discount Cinema, recently placed a Missed Connections listing on Craigslist after playing a Larimer Lounge BBQ show on July 12 with Fort Collins' Joy Subtraction (a new group, no website or MySpace yet, featuring former members of Wretch Like Me and Matson Jones). According to Carter's woman-for-man ad, she was apparently taken with ex-Wretch frontman Abe Brennan's doubtlessly profound views on "amp wattage":

Lead singer of Joy Subtraction - w4m - 21 (Denver)

I am the bassist for Discount Cinema. Both of our bands played the Larimer Lounge on July 12th. We had a brief conversation about amp wattage over loud music. You should come to our next show, Aug 2 at 11pm and hang out with me. I will be there a bit earlier if you want to chat or whatever.


Geez, you two. Get a room already. (That said, everyone should definitely come down to Discount Cinema's aforementioned show on August 2 at the Larimer, which just so happens to be Hot IQs' last show ever. If you're lucky, you might even get a rink-side seat to some Denver-scene tonsil hockey.)

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.