Mommy's Little Monster is dead

According to a characteristically pithy and vituperative post on Mommy's Little Monster's blog, the weekly DJ extravaganza dance party that took honors as Westword's Best Club Night this year is hanging up its slip mats and moonwalking off into the sunset. Helmed by DJ Max Klaw, and featuring El Brian, DJ Ginger, Deftron and a number of noteworthy guests, Mommy's Little Monster has been a popular attraction at both Bender's Tavern and Wasted Space in Las Vegas. Not popular enough, though, it seems.

Klaw's post cites too much competition, promoter issues and "shit talking" among the causes of death. If that wasn't enough, Klaw even metonymically implicates the residents of Mommy's Little Monster's host cities in the night's untimely demise: "Denver your lazy. Las Vegas your stuck in the 1990's"

The Monster crew won't be resting on its laurels or its bitterness, however. Klaw himself is on a national tour currently with Big B and Swollen Members, while Deftron and Ginger continue to DJ a number of events around town, including Good Sunday, which happens every Sunday evening at Tooey's.

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