More baby rappers fill your freakout quotient for the week

In honor of our recent discovery of the "baby wrestling rap" of ICP progeny Violent JJ, we decided to fish around the fetid sewers of YouTube to see what other "baby rap" genres are out there, and sweet lord, did we find the mother lode.

Meet Mini Daddy, baby reggaeton superstar.

As disturbing as Violent JJ's clown rap/wrestling shtick was, Mini Daddy has the edge, thanks to the utterly tasteless inclusion of some nine-year-old (or so) girls in the video, grinding away just like the nineteen-year-old girls in your typical rap video. That elevates it from perverse and off putting to perverted and outright disturbing.

The only possible solution to this whole mess is to somehow get a rap feud brewing between these two pint-sized disturb-o-trons and let them battle it out -- with cream pie guns, like in the classic Bugsy Malone, of course. But with our luck, they'll probably just end up guesting on each other's albums...

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