More Class of 2009 picks

In the print edition of this week's paper, I saluted the Class of 2009, artists that I think are worth keeping an eye on in the coming year. After the jump, as promised, here's a few more picks. This list has become something of an annual tradition around here. So if you missed it, here were the acts highlighted last year in two parts, as well as the year before.

Who: Mama
What: An smidgen of Magical Mystery-era Beatles psychedlia mated with the massive riffs of Zeppelin form the basis of Mama's sound, which is overseen here by Spiv's Chris Barber and driven by the distinctive howl of National Blues Arsenal's Jeff Leonetti.
Where: No dates scheduled. With as many projects as Barber has going on at any given time, it's a big question mark if this one will ever make it out of the gate. Here's to hoping.

Photo: Brian Carney

Who: Fell
What: Although Fell's origin can be traced back nearly a decade, I suspect that many are not as familiar with this great band as they should be. The act began as Josh Wambeke's 4-track experiment before eventually evolving into a full-band around 2006. Last year, the act seemed to really hit its stride and an album's worth of slow burning space rock is due from the band within the next month.
Where: Thursday, January 15, Meadowlark

Photo: Kirsten Aaland

Who: The Fresh Breath Committee
What: Haven't heard enough from this all-star hip-hop crew, which features Flawless, Fo Chief, Catch Lungs, Purpose, Kontrast, Crystal and DJ Skip Ripken, to really make a firm assessment. What little I have heard, however, has me eager to hear more.

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