Motet to reopen Cervantes' with Halloween greatest hits show

January 22 and 23, the Motet will be reopening the newly refurbished Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom with a couple of shows highlighting the best moments from past Halloween shows.

In case you aren't familiar, the group's Halloween tradition is to "dress up" as some of their favorite bands and deliver entire sets of those bands' music. Past years have featured the works of Michael Jackson, Talking Heads, Jamiroquai, Sly and the Family Stone, Prince and Herbie Hancock.

The January shows will not only feature a sort of greatest hits compilation of past Halloween shows, but also an all-star lineup of Motet members and friends such as guitarists Dan Lebowitz and Ryan Jalbert, horn players Sam Kininger and Ryan Zoidis, and vocalists Jen Durkin and Jans Ingber alongside the regulars. All told there will be thirteen members playing and singing, including a four-piece horn section.

And, as mentioned, Cervantes' is freshly remodeled and ready to show off its new PA, stage, bathrooms and decor. It should be a great chance to relive some of those memories of Halloween past, or to catch up if you've missed some or all of them and want to see what all the fuss is about. For more info or to buy tickets, visit the Cervantes' website.

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