Moving Pictures: A first look at the Fray's "Syndicate" video

Speaking of oversized, nationally renown Denver bands, we just screened the Fray's brand new video for "Syndicate," which premiered just a bit ago on Yahoo Music.

Here's what you're in for: Tons of extreme close-ups of Isaac Slade, which he looks notably pale; composite images of the guy's faces layered on top of each other with a lighting style that vaguely recalls Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" video, interspersed with bride and groom figurines wrapped in some sort of cellophane and then inside what looks like a snow globe; a close-up of an old women's eye and then hands; and an apple with a smoking bullet hole (we think). Knee jerk reaction: Meh. Compared to the the act's other videos, this one gets the gas face. Seems kind of artsy for the sake of artsy.


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