Moving Pictures: Casselman's Bar & Venue, MBV, Autumn Film, Primasonic, Maris the Great, Adai, To Be Eaten and Dualistics

'Twas yet another sensational weekend for music in the MHC. Kicked the weekend off by having a few drinks at Casselman's Bar & Venue on Walnut, the latest addition to the Ballpark neighborhood -- or as owner Matt Casselman prefers, "NoDo." The place has tons of potential thanks to an attached thousand-person capacity concert hall. From there, we packed our earplugs and headed to My Bloody Valentine at the Fillmore, which, unsurprisingly, was a veritable who's who of the scene. We caught up with Eric Halborg and Bill Murphy from the Swayback, Jason Cain from Astrophagus and Yonnas Abraham from the Pirate Signal and asked them all to share their thoughts about getting to see MBV. A song or two before the show ended, we slipped out in time to catch a bits of sets from the Autumn Film, Primasonic and the always entertaining Maris the Great and his band, the Faggots of Death. Our dance card was just as full on Saturday night with Dualistics at the Walnut Room, Adai and To Be Eaten at the Larimer and Gloam at the Meadowlark. (We didn't film that last set. For one reason or another, the band literally played in the dark with no stage lights, which made getting any usable footage next to impossible. Interesting group, though. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.) Anyhow, live vicariously after the jump.

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