Moving Pictures: First look at Hideous Men's "Dreamscene"

Experimental noise/pop outfit Hideous Men (read our recent Q&A with the band) are moving at a furious rate. In their first month of existence they toured with Pictureplane. They're playing at SXSW next month. And now they've got an utterly bizarre video to accompany their thoroughly freaky music. It's for "Dreamscene" and it's a head-twisting morass of pixelated psychedelic mayhem.

In this video you get a lot of sampled/appropriated video that's been mangled an tweaked almost beyond recognition -- almost. We did recognize what appears to be a clip from Chariots of Fire (or some other movie with old-school preppy dudes running on a beach?) and we're absolutely certain Homer Simpson made a brief appearance toward the end. And we had to check several times to make sure our computer wasn't having issues while we watched it -- we're still not entirely sure it wasn't. Yeah, it's that weird. And thus, wholly appropriate for Hideous Men's brand of musical insanity. If you dig it, you'll be happy to hear they have another video in the works, this time for "Holodeck." We'll be keeping an eye out for it.

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