Moving Pictures: Kirsten Dunst is "Turning Japanese"

We've got some pretty mixed feelings about the video above (which, BTW, has a brief flash of probably NSFW cartoon boobies). On the one hand, as sister blog Topless Robot editor Rob Bricken often points out, using "Turning Japanese" in any way, shape or form to reference anything anime/manga related is a crime against all nerdom and is the furthest possible thing from clever. Also, this is from McG, who is like the king of all douches. Oh, and "Turning Japanese" is basically an '80s novelty song about masturbation, and it's probably sort of racist if it means what we think it means. Those are the negatives. On the other hand, it has Kirsten Dunst all dolled up like some anime wet dream and the woman just looks freaking hot in that blue wig, which dulls our nerd outrage to some degree. What do you think?

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