MP3 Freeloader: Beauty Flash 2

Just got word of a free album from

Beauty Flash

, a local electro-pop act made up of the dynamic married duo of Colleen and

Patrick Lee

. The act started out as a fun side project of the Beebs, but its turned out to have some legs, and here they are with album number two available for your free downloading pleasure. The disc, cleverly titled

Beauty Flash 2

, is eight tracks of fuzzy, slightly battered electro pop. It's quirky and fun, and it sounds a lot like a rougher-edged version of the Blow fronted by Alanis Morrisette (that's a good thing, in case you were wondering). I've only had a chance to give it a quick spin, but it's got some decent tunes, especially "The Glory." And hey -- FREE. But if you want, you can give them some cash via their PayPal donation link below the download link on the

album's webpage


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