MP3 Freeloader exclusive: brand new Tauntaun song "Murderauder"

Ah, a fitting end to a dour day that was once again saved by music. Just got blessed with a brand new track from Tauntaun that the dudes literally just finished recording at frontman Chris Fogal's studio, Black In Bluhm. Tune's called "Murderauder," and right now, it's not available anywhere else. Download it here after the jump and then see the band play it live this weekend in Colorado Springs at Union Station in Colorado Springs on a bill that includes Step to Every Pit, Malaki, Beyond What's Given, Vital Malice, Bodycast and Horse Called War. Or if that's a bit far for you, Tauntaun will be at 3 Kings next Wednesday with Speedwolf and Minimula. Dig it.

Download the "Muderauder" demo by Tauntaun

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