MP3 Freeloader: The Return of Shoot Romeo This Friday at Herman's

Is it just us, or does papa Rupp look younger every year? Seriously. Old Bobbo must've made a deal with the devil or something. Unbelievable, that guy. Him and Prince, forever young, eh? Perhaps his perpetual youthful appearance is spurred by the fact that he's constantly reinventing himself every couple of years. This time around, he and the Shoot Romeo boys are back with a batch of new songs and a brand new singer, Marilyn Taylor from Esovae. The new lineup is due at Herman's Hideaway this Friday June 27, with Horse, Spools of Dark Thread and Shadow Work. After the jump, download (or stream) one of the outfit's new tracks.


"Walking in the Mud,"

"Walking in the Mud,"

one of four tracks available on the band's MySpace page, or stream the track below.

-- Dave Herrera

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Dave Herrera
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