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Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussycat

Born in Germany and raised in St. Louis by way of Mobile, Alabama, the weird and worldly Mr. Quintron has called New Orleans home since 1991. After borrowing a stage name from his father's electrical company and launching a one-man lounge act, Quintron, a former haunted-house curator, teamed up with singer and paramour Miss Pussycat, manager of an underground club called the Milk of Burgundy. Together the pair honed their Big Easy attraction into a kitschy nocturnal spectacle that combines Hammond tube organs, rhinestone finery and adult-themed puppet shows, along with Mr. Q's own custom-built line of Quintronics: the Spit Machine, which utilizes human saliva to conduct electricity; the Drum Buddy, a rotating, light-activated drum machine; and the Fun Gun, a hand-held cannon that fires confections into the crowd. Touring in support of their latest Skin Graft Records release, Are You Ready for an Organ Solo?, the couple offers a refreshingly sleazy alternative to your average Holiday Inn horror show. It's one spicy oyster sandwich -- guar-own-teed.
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John La Briola