MTHDS gives us the us the myth of giant robots

We adore robots here, so when a flier has a giant robot featured prominently, it's already got a leg up on the competition. Throw in a vacuum tube for a head and it's impossible to resist. MTHDS, the subject of this week's feature profile, gives us all of this on this poster, which we've selected as our flier of the week.

MTHDS is best known for their combination of a few different genres in their music, but the flier forgoes any genre-blending itself, instead relying on the almost propaganda style robot overlord. Design duties were handled by Diana Azab, who has handled flyers for a lot of shows in Denver's past, so it's no surprise she handled this one with such great clarity.

We're finding a lot of the smaller details enjoyable too, the body made out of three-dimensional band names, the giant c-clamp hands, the complete destruction of a city in the background. It works because you get a clue of what you'll be in for when you go to the show, but the whole evening is revealed in just a poster. We get a sense of some high production values, meaning the video should, by all accounts follow suit -- or maybe, if we're really lucky, this here giant robot will be in the video. Now that'd be keen.

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Thorin Klosowski
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