Music for snow

Ah, snow. I hate it. I am not a skier, not a 'boarder and I sure as fuck don't snowshoe. And it's not because I am some pansy-ass, warm-weather transplant from SoCal or something. I grew up in Wyoming and I've been in Colorado for almost thirteen years, so I am certainly accustomed to the stuff. The only thing -- and I mean only thing -- I find interesting about it is the way it affects my mood -- especially my musical mood.

To me, there's always something lonely and melancholic about snow. When it really dumps, like it did yesterday, there's also something huge and powerful, yet strangely insubstantial, to it. Over the years, this has equated to a variety of things musically. For years, it was the Cure's drearier, more epic work (parts of Faith, Disintegration). Then it progressed to stuff like Slowdive and later, M83. But these days, it's all about Brian Eno.

Specifically, it's his ambient albums that I've been listening to as much as possible since the snow started falling. I believe I've found the perfect soundtrack to snow, and it's the beautiful, haunting, barely there tones of Eno's ambient work. My particular favorite is Apollo: Soundtracks and Stories. I guess I equate the cold, empty loneliness of space with the cold, empty loneliness of blizzard (hey, with roads closed, it's not like anyone is coming by for a beer, right?).

So what about you? What are your favorite snow songs? Just don't say Christmas music. I fucking hate Christmas music as much as I hate snow.

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