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My Calculus Beats Your Algebra

My Calculus Beats Your Algebra is made up of a couple of pretentious fucks -- and don't let any past remarks or reviews of this noise duo convince you otherwise. Modesty does not become the twosome of Thorin Klosowski and Bryan Danknich, but that's exactly the point. Shackleton's Dogs is a poised narrative following Sir Ernest Shackleton and his foolishly epic attempt at traversing the Antarctic; the 1914 failed expedition of 27 men (and the dogs they were later forced to eat to survive) makes for a bleak concept album that only the unabashed pair in My Calculus could handle. Spanning two fourteen-minute-long songs, the record maps the chill air of trepidation through cheap retrofitted keyboards and sound processors set to musical feedback. There's a disparate voice in there somewhere, but it's inaudible under the turbulent layers of ground-up electronics and needlepoint acoustics. Shackleton (which is being celebrated with a release party on Thursday, March 16, at the hi-dive) is an austere accomplishment that should give the boys damned good reason to be full of themselves.
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Tuyet Nguyen