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Mystery Mike: Who is Benjamin Butters?

Yo! We've got a hip-hop whodunit on our hands. Well, maybe not a whodunit, but still, there's a mystery afoot in the world of rap. And if there's anything we love more than rappers, it's mystery rappers! Who the hell is this Benjamin Butters cat? Do you know? We need answers, and it appears as though a few of the main hip-hop guys in the scene know exactly what's up, but they're all keeping mum.

Benjamin Butters first popped onto our radar on Mane Rok's Saul Amore: A Modern Day Massacre, the Valentine's Day release. The mysterious rapper appeared on the Mr. Bostic-produced "Addicted" and delivered a decent performance, but it wasn't necessarily nice enough to pique our interest further.

Now, though, he's made another appearance on Dyalekt's new joint, Death by Ego, and damn if we're not curious. We caught up with Dyalekt to ask about the mysterious Benjamin Butters with the slightly distorted voice and interesting rap flow and execution. All the Diamond Boi would divulge was: "I'm not at liberty to discuss that information," and he said it with a straight face. "All I know is he sent me a hot chorus for my track, and he has appeared on other hip-hop tracks." We even gave him that comfortable moment of silence, you know, hoping we'd get more. We didn't. Is this some who is John Galt-type shit? Inquiring minds want to know.

Will the real Benjamin Butters please stand up?

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