Nearly naked women, magic and tunes: Why didn't someone think of this sooner?!

"It's not your usual standard variety of variety show," deadpans Anabella Lafontaine, one of Denver's burlesque divas, when discussing Saturday night's Burlectronique event. "It's a little edgy. Most of it should be a lot of burlesque to totally different music -- not the classic bump-and-grind -- plus, it'll have art as well as magicians and jugglers."

Seriously. What's not to love, here?

Organizer Erin Leigh reveals (ha! get it?) that she and her boyfriend, both of whom DJ, "just noticed that Denver is a huge hip-hop/electronic town -- especially dubstep. When we play it, people just go nuts. And I'm also a huge fan of burlesque, and we have a pretty awesome burlesque community, so it seemed natural to me."

The boyfriend in question (Handsome Adam) will be deejaying, and Leigh will perform in the show under her stage name, Fonda Cash. "We're doing the event in an art gallery," Leigh notes. (Buxiejo Gallery, 718 Santa Fe Drive, to be exact.) "So we don't have to shut down at two if we don't want to -- so we're going to have a little dance party afterward!

"The girls have all selected their own music," notes Leigh, "so some have chose kind of a house theme, but there will probably be a lot of dubstep. I'm using a Massive Attack dubstep remix for Fonda Cash."

Anabella Lafontaine will also be performing, as well as Loose Lucy, Eva Va Voom, Lucy Britches, Cassie Spirit, Dewlicious, Lucki Charm, Foxy Sabrina and Lollie Lolita, and lucky boys Jeff Jenson and Sean McCoy will serve as magician and mentalist, respectively.

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