Need a midweek pick-me-up? Behold the Band Formerly Known as Prince

Feeling a little uninspired? Need a midweek pick-me-up? Craving your fix of electro-disco-hip-hop-emo-crunk? Sure, we all are. Luckily for all of us -- especially those who live in the Denver area -- there's the Band Formerly Known as Prince.

The Arvada-based trio -- none of whom appears old enough to shave, much less drink -- mines a hyper-caffeinated dance-rock-party ore that fans of the Chain Gang of 1974, Breathe Carolina and Innerpartysystem will find particularly tasty. Even if those bands aren't your cup of glucuronolactone, there's no denying the blazing energy, pounding electro beats and irrepressible sense of fun these dudes bring. Stream some tracks on the group's Myspace page, and be sure to check out the videos there, too. It looks like these kids are hard at work, with a full-length album slated for a May release and shows booked this Saturday (at the Loft in Colorado Springs) and next Friday (at LifeSpot). Bring on the party!


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