Neil Young kicks the year off with a hilarious new single

Neil Young ended 2008 with a bang by performing a marathon two-and-a-half-hour-long set at Madison Square Garden that was not only chock-full of classics but also included a handful of new tracks that Young wrote during his quest to turn one of his antique cars into a viable alternative-fuel vehicle called the Linkvolt.

For most musicians, that would be more than enough to qualify as a full plate, but anyone who's followed Young's career knows the man has got more tricks in his bag than a magician.

Young recently updated his official website with a brand-new song called "Fork in the Road," complete with a hilarious homemade video. The song, rumored to be the title track of Young's next album, is a biting slab of satire in the same vein as his 1988 song "This Note's for You."

In just under six minutes, Young ridicules government bailouts and their recipients, makes light of his own slumping record sales, mocks the iPod, thanks his fans and slips in a few lyrics about cars for good measure, all while cranking out an infectiously rocking tune.

There is a reason that Neil Young has remained relevant for close to five decades. You can see the video for "Fork in the Road" below.

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